Lakes. Families. Friends.

Tucked away amidst several Florida lakes lies a small town where life can be a bit hectic. At night the hoots of owls never seem to quiet. Parades for pretty much every holiday always seem to cause foot traffic downtown. Kids walk and play aimlessly on neighborhood streets, causing countless amounts of laughs and giggles. There also seems to be no stop to people waving at one another as they drive pass.

Keystone Heights is for everyone: the outdoorsy, the family of five, the city escapist, the water lover, the athlete. Enjoy our city as much as we do.

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A Small town with a big heart.

What you’ll find in Keystone Heights is a friendly wave from a total stranger, a “Good Afternoon” to a crowded room, an unrehearsed smile from a kid riding his bike down the street.

A town of families. A town of friends.

forth of july keystone heights


Our beautiful nature.

Keystone Heights is surrounded by several lakes and parks. A perfect setting to explore the wonders of outdoors.

passion flower in keystone heights


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Take A Peek.

Peek into the lives of small town living. We showcase the best small town cooking tips and stories in and around Keystone Heights.

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Keystone Cooking


Small Town Tips.

Learn about fishing, lake activities, small town living, and holiday festivals that happen in and around Keystone Heights.


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Activities and Events

Cedar Key Fine Arts Festival 2019

Celebrate art at Cedar Key! This is a juried art festival. WIth over 120 artists and artisans. The Cedar Key Fine Arts Festival is in its 55th year. ..

Spring Arts Festival 2019

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Hogtown Beer Festival 2019

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Strawberry Fest – Clay County

Time to celebrate that sweet, cute looking fruit we all adore and love - the Strawberry. In Gre..

Small Town Tips

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