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Cool Places in Small Towns to do Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is widely used to increase health and help with relaxation. It’s an ascetic discipline, derived from Hindu. Today mainstream yoga doesn’t hold the religious groundings as it used to. But yogis do find that yoga’s teachings/practices help reduce stress and calm the spirit for a more positive outlook towards life.

A combination of yoga and nature seem to be the perfect marriage; both are harmonious. Yoga’s goal is to achieve balance with self and the energy that surrounds us, while nature is harmony embodied. The connection between nature and yoga is fluid, they both mingle well and makes perfect sense to do a practice like yoga in a setting that is already in concert with its surroundings.

I’m sure by the first two paragraphs you know where our list of cool yoga places was headed – you got it, nature! We’ve listed a few cool places in small towns to do yoga.

Places to Do Yoga


Yoga on a lake

Lakes are a beautiful place to keep fit and enjoy nature while doing yoga. There are a number of yogis that use the calming attributes of water to heal and strengthen their lives and spirit. Even the sound of water is relaxing. Lakes offer serenity, and at most times, a cool breeze of fresh air to wash over you as you meditate at the lake’s shoreline.

In The Forest

yoga in a forest

Tree hugger? Nah, just a loving outdoor yoga enthusiast. Surrounded by trees and critters you’ll notice as you preform your yoga moves the world simply slows down. The hundred year old trees that block the sun stand stoically beside you, tall and momentous. The ebbing sounds of leaves rustling will take your yoga to another level.

Nature Parks

Yoga in a park

In Keystone Heights we are lucky to have a beautiful state park a mile away from downtown: Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park. There is about over five miles of scenic trail with several small park nature trails to lead the yogi into the wild. The park hosts a number of fauna and has a beautiful lake for those wanting a dip in the water after a yoga session.


Yoga on beach
Image: Instagram/@taylluna

If you are blessed to have a beach in your small town, kudos to you. However, the majority of small towns are a drive away from the beach. In Keystone Heights, we fortunately have our own beach – Keystone Beach (which is Lake Geneva; the water has receded exposing the sandy shore, creating a beach). Keystone Heights beach is a beautiful setting for a round of Yoga.


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