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Fruits + Veggies That Can Be Picked During Florida’s Fall Season

Florida is blessed to have semi-good all year round weather Рsave from the constant rain and heat waves during Spring and Summer. Florida is fortunate enough to be situated in an area where growing fruit and vegetables is ideal. As the seasons change and North America begins to cool down, Florida is still able to produce fruits and vegetables; making it a great state for picking fruit (especially during the fall).

Floridians have reason to rejoice during the Fall season.¬† The season’s weather allows them to go outside and break free from their air-conditioned hideouts. During this time is when natives explore their natural surroundings and come to discover all the outdoor activities there is to do. One popular activity that the whole family can enjoy is picking fruit and veggies!

Albeit the most popular U-Pick season is in Spring, Fall does have its favorites fruits & veggies.

Fruits That Can Be Picked During Fall

We’ve listed a few fruits that can be picked during the Fall season in North Florida.


Yes, a pumpkin is a fruit. Falls most popular fruit, the pumpkin can be picked in many of North Florida pumpkin farms that have u-pick pumpkin patches.

Asian Pears

Asia in Florida!? This fine fruit grows beautifully in Florida, some Florida farms allow you to pick a bushel of pears.


Another fan favorite fruit is the watermelon. Watermelons can be purchased pretty much everywhere, though some farms allows you to choose your own watermelon.

Vegetables That Can Be Picked During Fall

Vegetables aren’t typically a U-pick attraction but some farms do allow you to pick your own vegetable, simply call a farm and ask in advance.



White acre peas



Find a more detailed (however cluttered) list of farms in North Florida that have u-pick events here.

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