what to do on a lake

Things To Do On A Lake

Life is a beach lake. This saying holds true to the close-knit town of Keystone Heights, Fl. The town is surrounded by lakes; so much that it can get quite intimidating trying to figure on what to do on a lake. To help those uninitiated to lake life, we’ve posted a few images of people doing normal lake stuff.

Hope the images below inspire you to check out a lake; and if you’re in the area check out Keystone Heights lakes. Images were taken on one of the many lakes around Keystone Heights, Fl.

Kayaking On A Lake


Enjoying the sunset on a kayak in a lake
Wishing the sun farewell. image by hayleymurphyyy
you can kayak on a lake, kayak on keystone heights lake
yes image by delamaravilla

Fishing On A Lake

said yes video by tyler.oliver

Flaunt Your Awesome Float On A Lake

raft on a lake
Who has the coolest raft in town? She does! image by fabulousles17

Dogs On A Lake

swim with dog on lake
You can take it easy on a float with your best friend. image from hannahmayer

Hanging Out On A Lake

hanging out on the keystone height lake
image by makayla.vk
boating on a lake
image by krrenee

Wakeboarding On A Lake

wakeboarding on lake
image by
wake boarding on lake
image by

Tubing On A Lake

tubing on lake
image by maclayneee

Paddle Boarding on A Lak

paddle boarding on lake in keystone heights
image by laurenrae51

Of course, these images only cover a fraction of what can be done when visiting a lake. Once you become acquainted to the beautiful nature and wildlife of a lake can you truly enjoy and respect these bodies of water! So go out there and visit a lake!

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