The people living in small towns across the US are a collection of hard-working, creative and family-oriented folks. Don’t be fooled by their laid-back attitude or simple living, this is all done by choice. A choice to escape big city life and to live and raise their young surrounded by nature and like-minded individuals.

But granted small town living does have its faults. There are no 24 hour convenient stores or multi-cultural fine dining or theaters or traffic…(I can go on). But what small towns lack in is a big plus; in this void is where genius happens.

To make due from all the things that these folks don’t have, they compensate in the most creative and resourceful ways possible.

Join us as we list several small town tips & tricks.

How To Chop Wood With An Axe

How To Chop Wood With An Axe

Chopping wood doesn’t take a lot of energy or strength. What’s needed the most is patience, stamina, aim, the right tools and a bit of common sense.