yesterday festival in keystone heights

Yesterday’s Festival

Just down the street from Keystone Height’s downtown is an actual wormhole – it literally takes you back into time!

Well, it did this past weekend. At Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park, one of Florida’s first state park (how befitting), the Yesterday’s Festival was held.

Yesterday’s Festival is a celebration of the past. From the old West to vintage tractors, the “Yesterday’s” was represented well.

We’ve added a few pics and videos from the Yesterday Festival. Hope you enjoy!

Stumbled on dining cowboys.

civil war reenactment in yesterday's Festival, Keystone Heights
Resting for a spell before the big fight.
Reenactment of civil war fighting
Reenactment of civil war fighting
Churning butter in Yesterday Festival in Keystone Heights
Churning butter with old tech!

Iron skillet cooking a beautiful breakfast or lunch…not really sure.

Keystone heights, yesterday festival
These two tried hot-wiring the Model T. Didn’t work.
Moss man in keystone Heights
This guy usually hangs out in Keystone Heights. Moss Man!

One of many weapons being shot in Yesterday’s Festival in Keystone Heights. This one is a Greaser Gun!
Have any pics from Yesterday’s Festival in Keystone Heights? Please send them over to us, we’ll place them on here.

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